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Our company was started in 1980 (formerly Custom Wood Creations). We started with simple custom furniture and cabinetry. We eventually broadened our abilities and started designing and building crap tables, poker tables, roullette tables, card tables, dice tables, wheel tables, and accessories for a local casino night operator. The business has since grown into what it is today.

We have added the capability to be a full, one-stop Casino supplier. We now have the capability to supply not only gaming tables of the highest quality, but also everything needed to completely outfit and operate a Casino. We now offer all accessories from chips and cards, to customized table layouts, seating and pit furniture. If you require something special, we can now supply it!

Most of our business does surround the gaming industry. We have made a variety of gaming tables for the casino industry as well as private individuals. These customers are located around the world. Our company is the manufacturer of the "World Poker Tour" final table, as seen on the Travel Channel and the "Become a Poker Pro" final table for which was filmed in the Bahamas.

We still make custom furniture. Most of the furniture is either hard to find or a custom design that just can't be located. We have duplicated pieces of furniture for customers who wanted a matching piece or something unique.

All of our Gaming Tables and Furniture are made to order.
If you Contact Us with your specific needs, we will be happy to send you a quote!

Here is some of what we do:

  • Customized gaming tables from blackjack tables to poker tables to craps table.
  • Offer a complete line of table accessories, poker chips, and layouts to fully compliment your table needs.
  • Assist in "New Game" design and development.
  • Custom design and manufacturing of items from the typical to the unusual.
  • We will take your dreams or wants and make them a reality.
  • Provide a custom service/product at a fair price.



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...about our poker tables, card tables, roulette tables or other gaming tables, or a custom made furniture and much more. Let us know about your designing ideas we just maybe able to create it!

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